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Inside Our 6-Week Zoom Beauty Chemistry Web Courses What You’ll Get….

• Easy to Follow

• Hands on Learning

• Live Instruction

• & A Child-Friendly DIY Kit

Children of all ages that will become equip with the knowledge, tools, and remedies they need to treat the most common skin and hair problems. With the aid of their knowledgeable and patient instructors, children will learn:

• Gardening and Plant-Based Recipes

• Simple Chemistry Skills & Laboratory Safety • Product Formulations

• Exposure to Exotic Ingredients

• Plant Identification, Properties & Cycles

• Healing Remedies of Nature

• Benefits of Natural Beauty Care & Holistic wellness

The best part is, you are guaranteed to have remaining supplies after the course to practice on your own. See you in the kitchen.

*Please Remember this is a LIVE 6-week course taught via Zoom.