Love Affair Tea Sack


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This tea is edible


The Love Affair Tea Sack is not only great herbal tea for self-confidence, romance, sexual enhancement for women, genuine love, and balancing. It also supports the immune system. Herbs connect your body to nature which gives your immune system a boost. It provides a lot of benefits for our bodies. The best thing about this blend is the marshmallow root. I included this herb so that a Mama’s milk supply would increase instead of slowing down during consumption. I usually recommend this drinking tea to Mom’s who are ready to have their baby and need a natural way to induce labor or need a tea for postpartum. This tea is also safe for a woman who has not had children or has not had children recently. Below is a list of the ingredients and why I chose it.


Rose for menstrual support, keeping the heart healthy, relieve muscle spasms in the respiratory tract and intestinal tract, lower blood pressure, mild sedative properties, kidney support, and calming

Chamomile for sleeping and relaxing, calming, menstrual support, muscular pain relief, treating diabetes, treating colds, lowering blood sugar

Jasmine for inducing labor, help prevent gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes, reduce aches and pains, protect the heart,

Cinnamon for inflammation, milk flow increase, menstrual support, and lowering blood pressure

Lavender for sleeping, aches, and induce labor

Marshmallow root for cough, colds, swelling and inflammation, and milk production

Ways to use:
1. Drink as a tea
2. Use as a facial steam
3. Use in your bath water
4. Use as a hair rinse

Comes in a reusable satin sack and handwritten instructions on how to use. Pair with the Love Affair Oil for best results!


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