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Benefits of Argan Nut Butter & Oil

Argan nut butter and oil is made from the Argan Nut Tree found in Morocco, a country in Africa. The nuts and leaves from the tree of this plant are edible and has many benefits for the body. The butter is the solid version of the oil. This exotic butter and oil is very powerful!

Argan butter has a similar texture to our tamanu butter, but it is a tad bit heavier. Although it is heavier, it does not clog pores. This rich, exotic butter is great for all skin types, especially dry skin. It is light as lotion easily penetrating the skin, deeply replenishing it and creating more elasticity in the skin. From our studies, argan butter helps with blemishes, skin discoloration, inflamed skin, and sunburns. Although this yellow butter is great for sensitive skin types, it is a type of nut butter so, if you have nut allergies please do not use.

Ways to Use Argan Butter on Your Skin & Hair:

1. For sunburn: Wash with aloe and water or African Black soap. Then apply the pure argan butter on the skin. Usually, the peeling skin on the sunburn will rub off as soon as you rub the argan butter onto your skin!

2. Use after your bikini wax and during/after shaving or waxing to keep your skin free of discolorations. Argan butter bikini scrub recipe below.

3. Use directly onto your scalp and hair so strengthen hair and protect your strands from breakage.

4. Use on scalp as a natural, clog-free grease.

5. Use as an everyday moisturizer.

DIY Argan Bikini Scrub Recipe:

Ingredients: argan butter, fine grain sugar (coconut, organic, etc.)


1. Scoop enough butter that you are able to store into a bowl.

2. Combine enough sugar for your liking. Remember: the more sugar, the more scrubby feeling.

3. Be sure formula is well mixed and then pour into storable container.

4. Store in a cool, dark place.


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