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Eat for Clear Skin: Vegan Tortilla Wrap Rolls

I always tell people I didn’t choose to be vegan, vegan chose me. My journey started with the craving for natural skin care products when I was just a teen in middle school. As I used natural skin care products, I started craving for everything natural. That is how I began my vegan eating journey. This recipe vegan tortilla wrap roll recipe is one of mine that came out pretty well so, I wanted to share it with you all. Before you begin do not forget to cleanse your fresh produce. Enjoy.

Ingredients: red peppers, orange peppers, yellow onions (purple onion is shown because I changed my mind after I took the picture), cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach, sliced avocado, fresh lime, cilantro, turmeric, Himalayan Sea salt, Mediterranean Sea salt (not shown), safflower, black pepper, red pepper flakes (that I forgot to use), brown rice
Step 1: Boil the rice. I boiled my rice first because I knew it would take longer than the vegetable mix. I’m boiled my rice with olive butter, Himalayan Sea salt, and pepper.
Step 2: Slice the cherry tomatoes, red peppers, orange peppers, and yellow onions. Although it is not shown it is also a great time to go ahead and slice the avocado. Just remember not to put it in the pan with the other vegetables.
Step 3: Put sliced vegetables inside of pan. Remember, do not put the avocado in pan on medium low. Sprinkle turmeric, both of the salts, safflower, and pepper inside. Stir, then place top on for about 10 to 15 minutes.
Step 4: This is how your vegetable stir fry should look. Nice and juicy. Turn off or on low completely until the rice get finished if not already.
Step 5: You can fry your tortilla wraps if you want. Put rice, vegetable mix, cilantro, sliced avocados, and fresh spinach on top
Step 6: Squeeze fresh lime juice on top and then roll.
Step 7: Roll tortilla wraps and then put toothpicks in the depending on the size you want your tortilla wrap roll to be. Dance slice it. This way the rolls will stay intact when you’re finished cutting it . If you have children this is a great way to introduce them to new foods.


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