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Why You Need Facial Steaming to Boost Your Immune System

Did you know that steaming your face can help boost your immune system? Have you ever heard the doctor say allow your kids to eat dirt because it will only help boost their immune system? Take this same concept and apply it to face steaming. Because these herbs comes from Mother Nature, just like dirt, it can boost your immune system.

Facial steaming with herbs is a very therapeutic way to connect yourself to nature and get grounded. Different herbs hold different properties so they does different things, however, all will boost your immune system.

Now that you know this you can be sure that when you steam your face, not only are you doing your skin a favor, you are also doing your inside organs a favor. And for that your body will love you.

Right now you are probably thinking you need to go to a spa. Just don’t. Unless you really need somebody else to do the work, please don’t. Just do a facial steam at home. This way you can pick your own herbs that your body feels that you connect with the most. We included information on some of our favorites!

How to do a facial steam at home:

To do a facial steam at home all you need is a pot of boiling herbs and a towel. You can use a chair and a pillow just in case you don’t want to stand. After boiling the pot of water place it into the sink. Bend over the pot of water just enough so that the steam touches your face and put the towel over your head. Make sure you cover all holes so that you can collect as much steam as possible. You can do this for as long as you want. It is best to steam your face after cleansing and scrubbing because steaming opens your pores and you do not want any dirt to get in.


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