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Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Skin & Scalp

I’ve heard so many times how you have washed and moisturized your skin every single day without missing a beat and you still have a problem with blemishes and dull skin. I know you have been very consistent with your skincare routine, but you can still feel that your skin is not as soft and bright as it should be. This is often due to you not exfoliating your skin enough. When we exfoliate we rub off dead skin cells and help the skin regenerate new cells. You are probably thinking by now that the skin is supposed to regenerate cells on its own, which is very true. However, when we do not eat properly or our environment is not cleansed properly our skin may need a little help to complete its job.

Just like the skin, the scalp also needs to be scrubbed. Sometimes from product buildup. Product buildup comes from using synthetic and chemically processed products. The scalp can also be scrubbed if it has dandruff or eczema. Although dandruff is usually a moisture retaining problem and eczema, a fungus problem, scrubbing helps both. Scrubbing is very relaxing and therapeutic. It also helps the blood circulate which promotes hair growth.

Does scrubbing/exfoliating irritate you? Does it make you red and itchy and doesn’t seem to be working? Or even worse, gives you a burning sensation? There are so many different skin care brands that use harsh scrubbing agents such as apricot shells, walnut shells, cranberry seeds, and other stuff that does not dissolve as you exfoliate. This can be the cause of skin irritation and these ingredients can cause slight scarring and blemishes. Another cause can be low quality ingredients and synthetic ingredients. This is why it is very important to read the label or create your own scrub using Himalaya Sea Salt.

Himalaya sea salt is a great scrubbing agent because it pulls free radicals and daily toxins from the skin and dissolves as you scrub it on your face or body. It is even great for scrubbing the scalp! Himalayan sea salt come from the Himalayan Mountains and is very therapeutic. It can help with joint pain and bone pain when used in your bath water and it is edible. These days you can find low-quality versions of it in stores. We guarantee you the highest quality and most pure grade available.



A half a jar of Mango Butter

2-4 tablespoons of Himalaya Sea Salt

4-6 drops of essential oils of your choice

Now that you have made your own scrub for your face, body, and scalp you are probably wondering how much to use and how often. I recommend you use enough for your liking, just remember that a little does goes a long way. You should always scrub before steaming because this is when your pores are really open. How often you scrub your face will depend on your skin type. You can scrub your body daily. Find coarse Himalayan sea salt that you can crush down to multiple. Mango butter is has a light, non-greasy feel that helps with blemishes and I don’t need to add extra moisturizer afterwards.

Benefits of exfoliating/scrubbing your skin:

1. Rub off dead skin cells for glowing skin

2. Evens skin tone

3. Brighten tired skin

4. Fights blemishes

5. Deep cleanses pores

Benefits of scrubbing your scalp:

1. Removes product buildup

2. Therapeutic

3. Promotes hair growth

4. Removes dandruff

5. Removes eczema (mix with tea tree essential oil)


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